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ENJOY THE ENDLESS COLORS & PATTERNS OF GUATEMALA! Discover our Marysal pillows and add a bohemian flair to your living space!

All Marysal pillows are handmade by talented Mayan artisans from different regions of Guatemala. Each pillow cover is unique and is hand woven over several weeks with a lot of love, creativity and time. 

Our bohemian-inspired pillow collection consists of vintage textiles like huipil, comfy velvet, super soft chenille, canvas and handwoven mohair. Our entire collection surprises you with colorful patterns, hand-embroidered details, decorative stripes or geometric designs and cosy textures. We offer a range of different comon sizes and pillows are available with or without pom poms.

Pile up our cosy pillows with ehno or aztec prints to imbue your home with new life.  Mix-and-match vintage-inspired styles to create a one-of-a-kind boho look: try pairing retro motifs and tassels with aztec prints and playful pom poms. 

We believe in caring for our environment and preserving it for all living beings. This is why we focus on repurposing what’s already been created, as opposed to extracting even more of the earth’s natural resources. 

For the production of our pillows we use upcycled fabrics like Huipiles and bring new life to this traditional garment. The Huipil is the traditional blouse worn by the Mayan women in Guatemala. Huipiles are handwoven over several weeks on a backstrap loom. Each region and village of Guatemala features its
significant design and pattern. In addition to regional differences each woman weaves her own history and philosophy of the universe into the garment, making each textile a unique.  

Huipiles are an excellent example of Upcycling. By using repurposed fabrics we make every effort to reduce our environmental footprint and support the beautiful weaving tradition of the Mayan women in Guatemala.

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